It’s not I have to

It’s I can


Personally, my favorite way to approach life is as one big adventure. I typically choose what I consider to be the best route over the first, safest, or best known. This comes from the best advice I've ever gotten from a role model of mine, Bob Goff. After talking for a bit I asked him if he had any advice he said confidently and simply "stay available".

Staying available to me means staying open to new people, experiences, and growth but also being able to say yes to travel, grabbing a cup of coffee, or talking on the phone. This may mean driving long days to visit a person or place, it may mean staying up to work when everyone is asleep, but it has given me more than I've given up. Focusing on being available has also served as a reminder to think about every opportunity is an invitation. I have to sit back and think about what I want my response to be. When it's a yes, which it almost always is, it's an enthusiastic, all in, very excited - yes, please.