Visuals to tell Your story

When you look back at your photos and videos, whether it be in a week, a year, or thirty years down the road, will they have told who you are? There is a lot that goes into telling a visual story, but good stories often get caught up in poses found on Pinterest, current trends, and trusting an expensive camera or editing software to do all the work. You will get beautiful work, but what I take pride in is that you can look back at your photos and not see a trend or photos that tried to be timeless, but see your passion, your vision, and yourself.

My start in photo journalism served me well and comes through in my style. I focus on getting to know the story up until shooting, understanding the vision, and scouting for potential, all as a study on telling the story in the truest way. Sometimes poses do capture a moment beautifully and there is pride to be taken in a well curated shot, but I love putting my subjects in motion. I know if I want to capture how someone uses a knife, we open a few beers and snacks and I have them make prep dinner, so when I want to capture how someone loves another person, I have them go on a walk or tell me about how they met. I get to know what they think is fun and what causes their personality to come out and have them do those things. I believe it's better to create a situation where people can feel natural rather than telling them how I think they will appear natural. So for me, it's less about curating a moment and more about creating the friendly space where the true moments will happen.

As far as post production goes, my first "edits" were done when I was in 7th grade in a dark room cutting negatives, experimenting with the enlarger to dial in a print, and dipping photo paper into chemicals to watch the images come to life. I remember the frustration of improperly exposed images and the pride in getting it just right. Now, I shoot with the same understanding as back then - post production is a way to draw out the actual scene, not create an entirely new one. I'm fortunate that most of my work brings me to amazing places and think it's most important to capture imagery in a way that brings you back to that place rather than back to editing on my computer. In camera, I focus on playing to the available light, shooting exposures with correct levels of contrast and saturation with the purpose and knowledge of how this will allow true colors and light to come out in post. 

Kevin and Audrey's Medecine Bow Wedding

Larimee, Wyoming

Dustin and Meredith's Wedding

Glacier National Park, Montana

Soul Church - Dudes Outside

Joshua Tree, CA

Meryl and Stoney Jones' Wedding

Tampa Bay, Florida

Arehart Trailer

Grand Rapids, Michigan