Conscious Adventurer, Son, Brother, Artist, Athlete, Photographer, Writer.

My name is Travis Wild. I'm lucky enough to share a van with my best friend, ayla. We travel all over the USA and Canada taking pictures and making stories.



The backstory

My life is anything but conventional. My interests and experiences are eclectic, the resulting stories best shared around a coffee or campfire, but feel free to ask. Through it all, I've found a passion in trying my hardest, doing and expecting my best even through hardship, and learning how to create community in the process. The resulting life has been amazingly fun, deep, and real - a life that hopefully comes through in my work and in person, showing through action how I genuinely care about people.

The best way to explain who I am and what I do is to tell you where I came from and who I've always been. I grew up creating but also very frustrated with problems around me. When I saw something going on that made me sad or frustrated I'd get distracted from what I liked doing until I could help solve the problem. My first experience with entrepreneurial philanthropy came in 3rd grade when I read an article in the paper about refugees from Kosovo not having enough food. That day I brought some baseball cards and Beanie Babies to school, asked a teacher to borrow a table at lunch, and started selling raffle tickets made of torn up notebook paper. After the first day my teacher brought me actual raffle tickets, then two girls brought in Beanie Babies of their own to raffle, the principal agreed to raffle off getting pied in the face as did the other girls and I, and in a week we raised $212 of elementary kids money to send to the Red Cross to feed refugees.

That was the first time I realized that 1) It was okay to follow my weird ideas 2) pursuing those ideas was a way to join people together for a good. As I grew up, I was always drawing or making some sort of craft, but was also gravitated to sports. All the while I had lots of friends, I was always looking to sit with the lonely kid at lunch, help people who were homeless, and let those who felt like no one cared know someone did. I like to think sports taught me work ethic and art taught me to expand my life outside of structure, and hardships such as a parent with mental health and substance issues and a personal battle with cancer, among other things, taught me to push against doubt and defeat those adversities. These things also taught me a lot about the hidden hardships people face, how to connect through grace and love, and develop empathy in a way that creates a friendly space for people to be.

This has manifested in writing and again in photography, which started for me in middle school and grew into a love of mine. Taking photos showed me that something I love can enable me to help people better understand and experience the world around them. It's allowed me to capture hope and beauty of the world and often serves as a reminder of those things in my life. This seems like an awful serious way to look at the world and is different than how you'll hear many approaches to photography, especially in the wedding/brand realm, but it's what I am and allows me to offer a slightly different look into the world. Best of all it's given me a reverence and enthusiasm that has made my life richer, and hopefully the lives of those around me as well.

My faith as a Christian is is also worth mentioning. I tend to not wear it on my sleeve because I want people to know love before I tell them about it, know I care long before caring what I think, and earn the right to be heard. This faith has been something that has shaped me as I try to pursue love and grace in the way Jesus modeled, not necessarily the way Christianity does in the modern day. Another conversation best shared over coffee or a campfire.

Photography, video, and writing will always be an important part of my life. My goals however are to continue living good stories, write books, open a fine art gallery, help the homeless, and possibly get involved in politics some day. I also want to go to outer space some day because I think it would be awesome.

If you need/want to talk to me, please do. My phone number is (719) 332-6833