Son, Brother, Athlete, Artist, Photographer, Writer.

My name is Travis Wild. I'm lucky enough to share a van with my best friend, ayla. We travel all over the USA and Canada taking pictures and making stories.



The backstory

The most frustrating thing to me are molds we tend to force each other into. This is most probably because I’ve never felt comfortable in one but have found parts of me in many different molds. Baseball and Photography, Fraternity and Church, Lacrosse and Younglife, Vanlife and mainstream - my interests and experiences are eclectic, and I think most people are this way. We tell our stories best like conversations over a campfire, not as ingredient labels on the back single serving packages of processed food.

We’re all shaped by so many things. Here are a few that have shaped me: sports, art, divorce, snowboarding, road trips, group homes, running, reading, homelessness, writing, cancer, Fortune 50 companies, consulting, world travel, biking. If I were to make a timeline it would be packed full of dashes of failure and branches of tangent adventures I’ve let myself go on. There would be exclamation points of fear and joy. Most importantly, there’s a dance between humanity, faith, potential, and I - all reaching out hands to hold on to, shaking each other when needed, and sitting under the stars to wonder

If you need/want to talk to me, please do. My phone number is (719) 332-6833