Southern California Weekend Trip to Zion National Park and Mojave National Preserve

Like many southern Californian folks experience, life was getting a bit hectic. We get to juggling a few too many things and forget why we're juggling at all. I needed to get away last week, so i took this three night trip out of san dieg.o to Zion national park and mojave national preserve (a park is more developed, trails, rules, regulations, with gift shops and food where a preservation is simple keeping the land from being developed - i.e. less rules, rangers, safety, food, water... you're out there more or less on your own) You've got to be willing to put some drive time in, about 15 hours total, but if you can leave early on a Friday and are willing to get back late Sunday night it is perfectly doable. I recommend getting one person who's willing to do most of the driving, another to head up food, and the last to handle logistics on where to stay and hikes to take... but I've got some recommendations.